About Us

We are Split Kits powered by the innovation award winning Brandfixx™ brand. We make modular 2-Tone vehicle wraps that you can fit yourself in a matter of hours. Don’t be scared - We’ve made it super easy. 👍 

VW Camper customised with a turquoise kit

Split Kits is designed to offer you a faster, simpler and less expensive way to customise your camper, to put your own spin on your beloved camper/van. If you’re bored of your paint job you can now get a new two tone look in no time. And If you fancy a change up you can simply take off the Split Kit and apply a new one. Heck!  You could have one for each season if you’re really awesome. 

At the moment we offer modular vehicle wraps for the Volkswagen Transporters T4 T5 & T6 range but we are working with other makes and models such as the Crafter, Ford Transit Custom, Citroen, Mercedes and more. 

VW Camper with a mint green pattern kit showing the VW logo applied