Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.


That’s like asking can I have a van without the door gaps 🙈. It just won’t work. Our kits come with the gaps to make it super simple and super fast to apply. Plus they look Awesome!

We have created 60 amazing colours inspired by campervans through the ages. There is a colour for almost everyone to be happy. If you want to make more of a statement then have a look at our pattern designs.

If you really want to….We can offer custom designs but this process takes a bit longer and you’ll need to contact us for more information. Click here.

Yes. We are working tirelessly to add more makes and models to our offering. A few examples are:


- Crafter 

- California 

- Beetle 

- Caddy 


- Vito 

- Sprinter 


- Transit Custom 

- Transit 


- Relay 


- Boxer


- Ducato 


We’ve made these kits super easy to install. But, we know that not everyone is going to want to do this. We can install your kit for you at our HQ but you’ll need to contact the team to get this organised.

Less than an hour ! And it won’t leave hardly any residue behind. You can see how to do this here (LINK to decom video)

You can have a badge for asking this question. As with all vehicle wraps you will need to remove the badges. But don’t worry we can help you with that and it is easy peasy. You can find our badge removal kit here along with the instructional video here

This vinyl wrap kit is going to make your campervan look mega! But only as mega as the condition you’re applying it to. We know the RAT look is cool but Surface preparation is the most important part of the process to apply any vehicle wrap, so we don’t advise trying to install over any rust, dirt, debris, severe dents or scratches.

So easy, your Granny could do it! 

From start to finish on average it takes 3-4 hours to install the vehicle wrap kit that’s including the all important prep work. We recommend you take your time, there is no rush, Enjoy it!  We have step by step instructional videos to help you apply the kit best practice. Follow the process! You may be used to stretchy vehicle wraps but this isn’t it. We use a different product that doesn't like to be stretched and it doesn’t need to be thanks the the amazing Brandfixx™ technology.  

If you’re not confident, ring us up 📞 and we’ll gladly help you.

You are awesome for asking this! YES ! LOADS! 

Follow the step by step process and you will not go wrong. Think of Ikea, you’ve bought a flat packed kit, you open it open start to follow the instructions, get bored, skip a few steps and then you're left scratching your head wondering why the bed you ordered resembles a wigwam. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS,please 😁.

Firstly here’s what NOT to use. 

Brake Cleaner - NOPE

Thinners - NOPE

The correct method and cleaning products. 

For the best results always start with a 2 bucket system safe wash. Then you can start to prepare your paint work ready for the split kit using surface cleaner which you can buy here for a tiny fee.

We offer application kits separately in case you order more than one kit. You will need the exact tools to be able to apply a Split Kit. Find it here.

We do not recommend that you apply any vinyl to the vehicle paint if it has any form or ceramic coating. The adhesive system does not adhere well to silicone based products. 

Strip the ceramic coating firstly and then perform your preparation steps before applying the kit.

Badges and light and everything else apart from the badges do not need to be removed.  

If you make the pizza will you need to stretch the dough? Yes. 

Well this isn’t a pizza. Your split kit is ready out of the box to put in the ovan 😉

These are made to fit kits. If you stretch a piece it will likely fail and result in the kit not fitting correctly and potential adhesive failure later on.

Delivery & Warranty

We make these amazing Split Kits to order but we’ll do our best to get them out to you within 3 - 5 days. The shipping is free (Bonus)  and you’ll be notified of your tracking number when your order has left Split Kits HQ.

We’ve got your back! The products will last anywhere from 5 - 7 years if they have the proper aftercare. It will not affect your vehicle warranty.

No way! Give us a call to tell which pieces you’ve damaged or even better send us pictures highlighting the pieces. We’ll then create a draft order and send it to your email ready for you to confirm and order in your own time.

Don’t sweat it ! We all mess up now and then. Give us a call to tell which pieces you’ve damaged or even better send us pictures highlighting the pieces. We’ll then create a draft order and send it to your email ready for you to confirm and order in your own time.